To the Seas!

Starting out!

Dnd Future 1

We will continue in the Forgotten Realms, and we will run around the Sea of Fallen Stars. For the most part, I will be looking for adventurers looking to accept some duties, tasks, wanted posters, etc! To see the wide world of the lands that border this sea.

For me, I’d like to hear what kind of characters you would wish to play. I’ll keep this going with Pathfinder rules, as I think we could and should use some of the extra manuals Peter bought, and try out some other PF rules. I did buy 5th Edition Dnd Players Handbook, but anything of that matter would be for much, much later.

My goal with these adventures is pretty simple; at the work for hire boards at most inns or offices, or along the docks, a group of fellows (you all) would find work that interests you and set out to it! Or others may contact you as well. This way, whoever shows up to a session is who will play. It won’t be dependent on all being there, or one specific people showing up to play. Who is there, can play.

Hell, I am possibily willing to let you guys run 2 PCs at a time, if you find you have a big desire for such things. Now, I’m not asking for that, but if it’s in your mind that you want to try it, I won’t say no.

As far as backgrounds & history, there are many things I have in mind that I would contact you one-on-one about. I have themes for certain classes that I would let you use and explore. I can say that I intend to have weapon masters, or great generals or lawmen that you would meet that you could learn from (for the martial classes). There will be Bardic colleges. Great wizards and schools to gain acceptance too to learn and further your studies. Clerics/Holy folk I have a quest for. Races would have different backgrounds to follow as well, if that would be your wish.

I’m obviously usually looking for goodly folk, but I’ll let Rich and Peter play too. I would like to see development of a party or group in these emails, and then I’d work with you individually on fleshing out character creation. I think I’m going to ask a Philly guy or two from “my other group” just to have bodies to show up to sessions.

Since I am moving into a house without children, and I have a closed off basement that would harbor us, I’d love to play once a month on a date that most of us could make it. Whoever does, would play. Simple as that.

Later, I’ll discuss regional Forgotten Realms feats you would have access to as a bonus, and about gaining Traits from the Advanced Players Guide, (and I’ll link those to areas of the Realms, since PF is obviously not the Realms).


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