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Dnd Future 2

This website is the open gaming license site for all of PF stuff. ALL the books that are out on this site. So, bookmark it if you want; the search engine works rather well, and all the books info is there, but without all the fluff text!


I’ll go with the traditional 2 traits that DMs can give out for this. As the page says you can’t take 2 traits from the same category; and they aren’t supposed to be anything that overlaps in attributes. If you can explain it; you can have it. Aristocratic because of your wealthy youth? But you left that life behind, but it still affects you? Cool!! Make sure to check the Races book for race traits as well.

I’d also suggest looking at the Variant Favored Class options as well, both in Racial and in Class as well.

Bonus Feats:

I’ll allow 1 bonus Race OR Regional feat. (Regional feats for Forgotten Realms can be found in Player’s Guide to Faerun or Forgotten Realms Campaign setting; I believe that’s the name!). If you have other thoughts on how or what you wish to use for your character, please just ask.

I’d also like for all of you to look through Ultimate Combat/Magic at variant ways to level up a normal class with a different flavor.

Character Creation!

Roll the 4d6, drop the lowest dice; no auto 18’s if you please. And No starting ability scores over 18.


I’m doing them differently. In the hope of negating astronomical high skill roles that eliminate the need for anyone else to roll, I’m introducing a set skill point/level.

As it stands:
Rogue: 10 Bard, Ranger: 8 Barbarian, Druid, Monk: 6 Cleric, Sorcerer Wizard, Magus, Witch/Warlock: 5 Fighter, Paladin: 4

Now, with a Class skill, instead of the auto +3 bonus to said class skill, you will instead receive, at each level, 3 bonus skill points to ONLY put into class skills. You may only put in 1 of these bonus skill points into any class skill at a given level. Once you have reached a bonus of +3, you may not put any more into that skill.

Also, Perception is NO ONE’S class skill.

And, as a caveat to the Rogue, with Disable Device, yes anyone trained (meaning, anyone who put a skill point into it) can look for traps/open locks. I’m changing that to make the Rogue significant. Anyone can work to open traps/locks of a DC 20 or lower, but if its DC 21+, that’s a Rogue’s speciality. Sorry, other classes. There’s a reason why no other classes can get the Fighter’s Weapon Specialization feat. IT’’S for a Fighter! No one can go after a Rogue’s ability of Finding/Disabling Traps or Lockpicking either. Does that sound extravagant to anyone?


I’m going with the variant rules of DR/Armor from Ultimate Combat. I’ve attached an easier to read file of how it actually looks. Just cuz’ we’ve never played with it. I may also play with the rules variant in this book about hit points & vitality (similar to Star Wars D20 system, if anyone possibly remembers that. I may or may not do it; I may just try it out for an adventure).


In the interest of making the burden of taking a Heavy Crossbow more interesting, it will always pass Damage Reduction. Heavy Crossbows in medival times destroyed the armored knight. They should as well. And considering that you can’t add a strength bonus to this weapon for more damage, and it loads slower, why not give it some kick? Actually, I’d like to leave this one up to a vote. With the new Defense rule, this could really punch some deep holes in people. Of course, reloading this is a full round action, so there’s that drawback. I’m game for it; it’s mostly here for those that think that having one of these tank-spankers might be a cool visual.


We’ll start your characters at 2nd level. We will do FAST level progression. I would like to keep everything we do for these adventures to be referenced in the Pathfinder books. No more 3.5 stuff.(yes I am ‘breaking’ that rule by allowing Regional feats from FR books, but hey, I want some FR kinda feel to it, ya know?)

We’ll be playing in and around the Sea of Fallen Stars. I hope to visit lots of countries, and travel extensively.

In a sense, please, explore as much as you can between all the books for the variants on race, class, , and ‘Favored class’ (introduced initially on pg 31 of Core Rulebook. This has variant rules as well-in both race and class I think!) & etc. Draw up the most unique character you want; have it be something more than a …Ranger strength 17.


rangerstr17 rangerstr17

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